Tuesday, 7 December 2010


MMOG is a genre of game in which numerous participants interact in a virtual environment over the Internet. Some MMOGs, like World of Warcraft and Guild War are the vital examples with millions of players. Massively Multiplayer online games (MMOGs) are computer and Internet based and formed with the combination or integration of different medium such as graphics, texts, videos and images.
Tudor (2007) has quoted the Bob Rehak words as he made some compelling points in his argument for a psychoanalytic view of the MMOG user. He draws on the Lacanian notion of an “ego formed through identification with a representation of itself that is forever split, rendered incomplete by the very distinction that enables recognition.”

MMOG development is one of the fastest growing areas in the game market. Different genres of these involve the ‘Action & adventure’, ‘shooting’, ‘Casino’, ‘Board & Sports’ games etc. Knowledge, skills, keenness and patience for long hours of gaming are basic characteristics to reenact for games.
MMOGs considered one of the highest growth opportunities for the commercial future of games dealing with money matters as based on registrations and persuasive appeals of prizes and rewards. The players are spending real money for survival, entertainment and power-show in a “Virtual World” for their AVATARs and existence in Second Life. 

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1. Guild War
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3. MMOG Chart
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